Tom & Olly – 6th to 10th July

Tom & Olly Podcast
6th to 10th July

1. Tom Reports on Sports of Sorts
2. The Borders Latest Trends
3. Hipster Man Buns
4. Olly’s New Love
5. Black Holes Hidden In Dust
6. The Real Losers of Bunnings
7. Keith Urban Fills In
8. Olly’s Big Moves
9. Making Sexy News
10. Gym Junkies
11. Keith Urban – Do You Realise…?!
12. I Can’t Feel My Legs
13. Keith Rolled
14. Stripping Preparations
15. Larry Emdur Opens Up
16. The Fight of the Border
17. Annoying Facebook Posts
18. Magic Mike XXL Review
19. Gangsta Moments

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