Tom & Olly – 15th to 19th June

Tom & Olly Podcast
15th to 19th June

1. Flying in Small Planes
2. Impractical Costumes
3. The ‘Ah Well’ Technique
4. Michael Jordan’s Arrogance
5. Unhappy Palaeontologists
6. Louise Arnold Joins TOSS
7. The OC Club – When have your parents ruined the party?
8. How Good Is The NBN?
9. Facebook Friends Explosion
10. Bandwagon Jumperonerers
11. K-Rudd and J-Gill Have ‘Bad Blood’
12. When Have Your Parents Tried To Trick You?
13. The Life Changing Milo Experience
14. Tom Experiences Cold Feet at the Altar
15. Tom Has A Re-Brand
16. The Difficult Children’s Question
17. The TOSS Relaunch
18. Crazy Pet Spending
19. One D v The Beatles

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