Afternoon Breakfast Show

ABS Cover

“Ah damn! My bloody shift work/being a student has made me sleep through my favourite part of the morning… Breakfast radio! If only I could listen to breakfast radio in the afternoon…”

Hello. We’re Tom & Olly. Are you always waking up at 10:30am/1:00pm and saying the phrase above? I know we are. Well that’s where Tom & Olly’s Afternoon Breakfast Show becomes mighty handy! It’s breakfast radio, in the afternoon! You get all the news banter, weather banter and general banter that you’d get from breakfast radio… except it’s at 3pm! Handy… we know!

Some Audio Snippets

Tom Goes Swimming (Week Two)
Olly’s Awkward Scrabble Game (Week Two)
Olly’s Internet Security (Week Three)
Tom’s A Silly Guy (Week Three)
Olly’s Sleep Talking (Week Three)
Sexy Stocks (Week Five)
Tom & Olly Prank Matt (Week Seven)
Week Nine Full Audio
Andy Lee Questions Tom & Olly
The Campaign